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The Council of Logos

After the events of the Great Spark , 3/4ths of Letorni was destroyed and the people of the lands were sent into panick.

Though the Empire and Astrologists tried to maintain order, both groups were driven out of power by the revolting citizens, leaving Letorni to become a land without leadership.

Using this as a key opportunity, the Red Wine kingdom alliance came to aid Letorni and helped by appointing them a new system of governance which allowed Letorni to retain its emphasis on scientific discovery.

This new system of governance called forth a group of the five elite scientist and together they would be named the Council of Logos. 

However, as a catch, Letorni would not able to recruit the members themselves and instead had to settle with the Red Wine kingdom’s appointed members to sit as the first generation of the council.


Engineering is a practice developed in Letorni where inorganic creatures and operational structures are created without human input or intervention.

Many new forms of technology have come from engineering including the creation human-like machines called Scions.

The existence of Engineering has been much cause of concern for the other lands as they have tried to put pressure on Letorni’s production visibility.

But at the moment, no one knows what other techological marvels Letorni has manage to create through engineering.


Tsugarians, native to Tsugaria, owe their snow bleached skin and hair to the chilly climes and fierce winds of the Northern Capital. Though most Tsugarians are slight in build their adaptability to a harsh and unforgiving environment has led to innovations in studies of the planet and Lexicon itself.

As most scholars, Tsugarians has long lean limbs to better navigate the secrets hidden within their libraries and the land itself. As they have honed their brains within The Library of Cergis so to have they sharpened their humour on the icy winds of the north. Thought of to be cold and distant the Tsugarians guard their land and their secrets closely.

“The greatest secrets are those yet to be discovered”

-Tsugarian Proverb


The lands of Letorni were a chaotic mess of sudden climate and environmental changes. With this, the first settling lambs had to learn to make sense of the chaos quickly. And with that came a select group who mastered the forces of logic and the scientific process.

Physically, Letornians come in many shades and hues, but a common trait among them seems to be their bleached hair. According to rumors, this was due to a side-effect involving a past over-exposure to Lexical radiation during the Great Spark.

Letornians are typically referred to as the tinkerers of humanity, and many are responsible for the emerging push towards technologically and automation.


Letorni is the most technologically advanced civilization in all of Terminus.

After the disastrous events of the Great Spark, Letorni underwent a rebuilding effort in which gave birth to the new Lexicon discipline of Science.

Letorni headed by the Counsel of Logos a group of five elite scientists and researchers who oversee the lands operations.

Letorni believes that scientists and researchers should hold positions of power because unlike traditional members of politics, they are more interested in doing what it takes to build, create and learn more about the universe.

Despite their pursuits of intellect and claims to desire a world of mutually beneficial scientific discovery, the head scientists of Letorni have been very secretive of their findings. And rumors of some very influential discoveries they have made have caused the other lands to become stricken with concern.

Some of those discoveries being that of a powerful force called Nuclear energy and a new form of Coalescence they call Engineering.

The Kingdom of Letorni was one of the two kingdoms that did not participate in the Red Wine Campaign.


The Harekin  are hare-like Kin who were created in the mothers’ vision as symbols of intelligence and wisdom.

the Harekin are known for being a very tranquil group. They can often be found lounging around  while pondering the mysteries of the world.

The Harekin are naturally born with smaller bodies and large floppy ears. However, despite their small bodies, they also typically house the highest capacity for DV and mystic powers.

Because of this fact, the largest population of skilled Arch-Lexians are actually the Harekin.


The Serpenkin are lizard and snake-like Kin whom were created in the mothers’ vision as symbols of wit and cunning.

The Serpenkin are known for being very cunning whether it be in the field of politics, pit-pocketing, or entrepreneurship.

A vast majority of the world’s wealth is owned by the Serpenkin. This fact has lead to some economic concerns across various lands.

The Serpenkin have serpent-like features including scales, sleek bodies and a generally quick and fluid movement style


Created by the mothers as a vision of elegance and beauty the Aviankin possess birdlike characteristics in their anatomy and visage.

With a natural inclination for design, structure, and sensuality that is applied in every art they pursue whether it be architecture, textiles, poetry, art, or war.

Though little is known about the inner workings of their assumed Matriarchal society – as Males have never been seen – the Aviankin do not venture into Frayla without an esoteric mask  covering their faces, even within their own private section of Gomora, the Aviankin would only reveal themselves to those they’ve chosen to become their partners.

Despite their practice of donning their traditional masks many approach them as suitors, and among kings and emperors wars have started for less.


Hope is the thing with feathers

which hides the troubled heart

that masks its pain in bravery,

and in elegance imparts

the natural sensuality, and truth of life and art.

(Immortal Doctrine: The Winged Hope)




The Leokin are physically imposing Lion-like Kin who were created in the mothers’ vision as symbols of pride and power.

The Leokin are known for being very straight to the point and honest about their feelings. Because of this quality, they often find it difficult to understand evasive things such as lying or sarcasm.

There are two significant clans of the Leokin called the Leokin Prides. The Moon Pride and the Sun Pride.

The Sun Looking typically have warmer colored furs while the Moon Leokin are typically darker.


Located in the southernmost corner of  Eastern Terminus, Gomero is the primary homeland to the Kin: Aviankin, Harekin, Leokin, and Harekin.

Famed for being one of the most naturally ruthless lands to live in, it sees few travelers as it is home to some of the fiercest creatures and most uninhabitable geographical locations.

A common saying in Terminus is “Only the strong and the wise may fill their bellies in Gomero,” though the full saying in Gomero adds “but only the swift can keep from emptying it.”

In order to survive their harsh conditions Gomeroans pride themselves on their Honesty, Integrity, and most of all Strength – and have little patience for those who do not possess these virtues.

“Spit on the Sand

And swim in the trees,

We battle the lands

and our strength sets us free.”

– From a Gomeroan Lullaby