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 Maladia is the divine of Marriage and Matrimony.

Any time lambs wish to marry, they will call upon the Meoldia to officially reckognize their bond.

Once a bond is reckognized between lambs, they recieve a special mark unique only to them as a symbol of their commitment.

Maladia does not support the concept of Divorce, but in some cases where such a thing seems aboslutely neccessary, even she may accept it.

Maladia’s symbol is the twin joined souls.

The Pillars of Soul Bondage and The Path to Matrimony

Relationshps were created as a means to represent and encourage the same eternal bonds that were shared between the Mothers in order to bring the universe into existence among the lambs of Terminus.

Though relationship status types are different across lands and cultures, the Mothers had long ago created a series of trials which were created in order to test and prove a team of lambs commitment and compatability.

These trials were called the Pillars of Soul Bonding and the can be described as the following

 Discovery:  The period of discovery is an official form of relationship hunting that one will undergoe when actively seeking partnership.

During this period a willing lamb whill seek to form a partnered group in which will allow them to engage in acts that they allow them to learn about and understand one another.

Those who are on a path of discovery typically inform others by wearing a small and subtle ring on their index finger called the Heart of Ahndai.

Though the the path of discovery is meant to open a lamb to a variety of potential relationships, it is typical that lambs will facilitate periods of discovery with only a few potential mates at a time.

In general involvement and interactions between lambs is kept very light and gentle during this stage. 

Small dates, dinners and recreational activities are just examples of shared activities that lambs may engage in during their period of discovery.

Engagement: During this period of the relationship path a committed partnership between lambs is fully explored.

Unlike the period of discovery, a deeper and more intricate relationship is explored where the partnered lambs are encouraged to live with one another and truly learn to understand the complexities and nuances of each other’s lives.

Engagement is used as the first layer of compatibility as much about the partners involved becomes revealed.

In which case these revelations either become a force that strengthens the justification for their bond or deters it.

The length of time in which lambs will walk this path together typically depends on the desires of the lambs involved, but the average length does not typically extend past the period of 2 years.

Tribulation: Perhaps the most important of all paths is the path of tribulation.

During this stage, a group of partnered lambs will elect to engage in a series of challenges created by the Divine of Tribulation Cargoas.

These challenges are created specifically to stress the major dimensions of the lambs relationship by using a variety of puzzles, illusions and tricks, to test the strength of bond between partners.

 If the partnered lambs manage to succeed, then the results of the trials serve as a means to strengthen their resolve and solidify their love.

However, if the partnered lambs do not succed, from the failure of the trails the lambs come to understand more about themselves and are encouraged to rewalk the path of discovery with this new found personal knowledge in mind.

Marriage It is typically not long after walking the path of Tribulation that lambs will decided to get married.

Upon marriage their bond is officially recognized by the Divines and they are offered their Family Symbol by Diviness Maladia herself.

It is then at this moment moving forward that the lamb couple may lead an exciting life with one another as they take on a new path of discovery in the vast world beyond.

Family Symbols

Family Symbols are advanced magical symbols that are created for newly formed families under the bond of Maladia’s sacred bestowed matrimony.

No two family symbols are alike as they are unique to every bound family and are used as proof one another’s commitment to their partner(s) and their cause. 

 If the bond between the married partners is broken, the symbol is also lost. However, it is possible to redeem the symbol if the partners choose to nurish their relationship once more.

 Some family symbols hold great fame as those families who bore them had accomplished great feats in their life time.

 In certain cases, Maladia may allow the resuse of a generational family symbol, assuming certain conditions are met.

Many family symbols hold mystic powers, the most common of them all is the power to increase the unconcious communication between partners which allows them to perform in sync with one another with less effort.

Though partners may request where a symbol is placed on their bodies, the most position to have it placed is on the upper back.

Marriage in Terminus

Marriage is the highest recognized form of relationship in Terminus.

 It typically involves the arrangement of two or more lovers who wish to seal their commitement toward each other.

 When Lambkins wish to marry they will prepare a small an simple ceremony to call upon Meladia, the Diviness of Marriage. After exchanging the sacred vow, she will then provide the now soul bound lambs to each other by providing them a special mark that is unique to them which represents their new Family Symbol.

Historically actually marriage ceremonies were only reserved for the wealthy, but as time went on, they became more common place for lambs of all economic dispositions.

 Marriages can take place anywhere as the lambs would like, but in modern times it is popular to have them done with an audience at a Cathedral.

Education in Terminus

Education Systems in Terminus vary from land to land, but most are handled in a similar way:

  1. Firstly there are two lower level learning establishments: General Education School (GES) and Primary School
  2. Then, there are higher education/career centered establishments: Universities and Guilds respectively

G.E.S. schools are schools that are generally funded by a Kingdom, city, town, or private entity. These establishments typically offer open and free enrollment to citizens of that respective area and are paid via property tax. Though they aren’t the most prestigious of educational environments, they typically serve as an excellent place to gain basic knowledge about the world and help young students discover what paths they wish to take in life.

Primary Schools are slightly more advanced educational environments that are also typically sanctioned by a kingdom, city, town, or private entity. Though, some schools have their tuition costs covered by their associated urban area, there are many that do not offer free enrollment. Even for Primary Schools with open enrollment, enrollment for these schools is often competitive as they serve as direct pathways for students who seek higher education.

Universities are the highest form of academia a modern Lambkin can attain. Most Universities focus on the studies of science, biology, lexicon, engineering, etc.. While other’s focus on mixture of those topics, or in some cases more unique studies. Universities are incredibly competitive and require plenty of coin to attend. Though many present paid scholarships, students who are eligible for these must have already demonstrated significant intellectual prowess.

Guilds are typically popular options for those who wish to further their studies in a non-academic skill or trade. Most guilds have open recruiting while others are closed-off and rely on scouting for new members through a variety of (and in rare cases invasive) processes. Guilds typically require a monthly or yearly membership fee and unlike Universities, they offer ranks in which members can climb and receive life-long benefits. Those who become members of guilds are expected to use the skills gained from their guild in order to generate their own income in order to afford their cost of living and paid guild fee.

For those who do not pursue guilds or higher education, whether it be through choice or circumstance, there are still many other trades that do not require previous education such as: mercenary work, farming, merchandising and more.


Frayla has always been home to the most diverse group of lambs in the entire world.

Fraylian culture is never stagnant as it is comprised of other cultures from all over the world.

Fraylians themselves are made up of all the races and therefore there is no true definition of what things constitutes a Fraylian. However, Fraylians are known to be a bit more “rough around the edges” and rowdy due to it being an attractive location for adventurers and treasure hunters who seek a life of fame and fortune by uncovering it’s many secrets.

Animals and Wildlife

For quite some time there had been confusion regarding the existence of the “lesser beastmen,” or in other worlds “Animals.”

Though their origin is unknown, many believe that they were perhaps the Mothers’ first attempt at creating the Kin. However this theory has never officially been confirmed and has been outwardly rejected by the Kin. Especially by those who find such a theory insulting.

As far the wildlife, Lexian and Scientific communities are concerned, wildlife have no aptitude for advanced cognitive functioning.

There has been some theories developed by smaller groups that suggest that rather than being able to communicate direclty, animals can actually communicate telepathically, but given the loss of lambs divinity the only pontential proof of this fact are the personal annecdotes of a few lambs who claim for it to be the case.

Though some lambs choose to hunt and consume the wildlife there are many who choose not to and find other means of sustenance for various reasons.

The Great Spark

Many centuries ago during the era of Red Wine, Letorni was in the midst of a civil war that stemmed from the other kingdoms requiring its participation in the Red Wine Campaign.

In order to participate in the campaign, the other kindgoms required that Letorni share its scientific findings and discoveries.

However, at the time, Letorni was governed by two major political groups.

On side was the Empire, a group of wealthy individuals who through a process of democratic voting were elected their positions of power. On the other side were the Astrologists. A group who supported the idea of sharing their knowledge for the sake of learning more and advancing humanity.

The Empire did not wish to share its secrets while the Astrologists did. And because of their disagreement a war broke out which eventually lead to the detonation of an experimental reactor core. An event so dramatic that the only way people could describe it was as a “Great Spark.”

The results of the explosion devestated Letorni both politically and environmentally.


Access to a healthy environmental ecosystem allowed the Avarians to establish the largest and fastest evolving kindgom on terminus while only being threatened by a moderate to dangerous level of monsters and wildlife.

Built upon the systems of honor and collaboration that have marked the Lambkins strength and surrounded by the cultured metropolis of Avari, Avarians have a well-developed sense of sophistication that flows into their talent in the fields of art, literature, theater and combat.  Attributed to the legacy of Queen Zylia who is revered as being the savior of the lambkins – even the most common of Avarians walk with air of sophistication and majesty which many

Being a Center of arts and trade and thus filled with a variety of races, most native Avarians can be distinguished by their iconic golden hair.



Among the most Legendary of Kingdoms in Terminus, Avari boasts beautiful lands and a captivating capital city whose sophistication extends to even the simplest of commoners.

A cultural metropolis Avari attracts artisans of every discipline and is governed explicitly by females who take on the title of Matriarch as they inherit the the Seven Jeweled Crown.

Despite it’s reputation as one of the most iconic lands in all of Terminus Avari is most well known for being the seat of Queen Matriach Zylia – revered as the savior of  the lambkins and perhaps the most influential figure in history.