The 3rd eldest of the Four Captials which sits deep within the dark and forbidden sands of rich ebony.

The capital city sits within the Ebony Sands, which is considered one of the most uninhabitable places in all of Frayla.

Despite this fact, the capital of Xindshra has managed to remain as the wealthiest city in all of Frayla and one of the most prosperous realms in all of Terminus.

The secret behind the city’s vast wealth is due to the extensive underground network to the highly valuable dark crystalline materials produced by the ebony desert.

The kingdom is currently ruled by the newly appointed Prince Ivas Xindshria who’s father passed away from illness a few years ago.

At the time of this writing, prince Ivas has yet to choose a wife from the 12 princesses of the Kingdom, but cannot fully inherit his birthright, until he has done so.