Vorja Ceres was the 4th member of the original primordial Seven, the 5th seat of the Ceresian Board, and the founder of the Ceres School of Lexicon. Known for being cold, Vorja also had an odd sense of humor and possessed a heart of gold unmatched by any other in her time – which she displayed with her willingness to help her fellow lambs.

Vorja had a strong belief that lambkind should not be dependent upon the Divines  to use Lexicon, and despite her affinity for Divinity she rejected the life of a Shrine priestess and societies restriction of Lexiconal education to the Spire to pursue her own path.

After escaping from her priestess duties Vorja hid deep in the mountains where she lived in harsh isolation and dedicated her time to study and experimentation – Her ability to manipulate and use large amounts of divinity aided her in the development of lifeblood a new form of Lexiconical arts which allowed lambs to bypass the Divines and directly connect with the Lexicon and True Divinity.

Though Vorja shared her findings and was invited to become a member of the Wise Ones as rumors of her success traveled the world,  she refused in order to fulfill her dream of building a school. The Ceres School of Lexicon with Vorja acting as Dean of the students was established in 5 A.W.E, and it’s popularity flowed over the walls as a city grew around it and the new city of Ceres prospered.

When Vorja was called to bear the 4th flame in the first pilgrimage to defeat Bastille she formed the Ceresian Board, an oligarchy formed by the school’s wisest students to manage the city before setting out.

Though she and the first Seven perished by Bastille’s hand her legacy would never be forgotten.