One of the Seven Great Lands of the Planet Terminus, Tsugaria, located to the high north, is subject to a state of perpetual winter. Founded when Dionus, the 33rd King of Frayla, sent the warrior of the mind to establish his own kingdom in the North East.

To carve a kingdom from the inhospitable land the warrior of the mind called upon the power of the old language to forge the resources of Tsugaria into the protected haven of Lexiconal learning it is today. Due to the brutal climate and harsh outdoor conditions Tsugarians conduct most business indoors and have become quite isolated as a result.

This time of isolation and contemplation in harsh conditions led to a dedication of advancement and development of Lexiconal studies, establishing Tsurgia as home to the greatest and most influential Lexiconical establishments in Terminus. The wise once are housed in the Hall of Cergis – the supposed location of the Immortal Doctrine -, several Lexiconical Universities and houses some, if not all, of the most powerful casters on the planet. Five of these Lexians form the Council that governs Tsugaria.

Those that survive the winds of the north to visit Tsugaria are few, and those who are permitted to enter the city are fewer. Those allowed entrance to the mysterious kingdom do so by the will of the Tsurgarian Council as students – by scholarship and invitation – or partners of special interest to the Council.