Terminus was once a barren and void rock cast aside by the Mothers. However, over time it became the residence of Bastille Lord of Declivity as he was the first Divine to be cast from Canaan.


Diameter: 16,615.12 km

Mass: 5.972e24

Terminus is split into 7 continents known as the Seven Primordial Kingdoms

(in relation to Frayla which is the center-most land)

Tsugaria (North-West)

  • Ice cold Tundra
  • The original source of the world’s greatest Lexian Achievements

Frayla (Center)

  • The center where all come together.
  • Very diverse landscape.
  • Holds the locations of both the Stairway to Heaven and the Gate to Hell.

Devlunia (South-West)

  • Home to many Devians
  • Much of Devia is covered in desert
  • The invention of Smithing and Coalescence

Gomero (To the West)

  • Home to the Kin (Gomerians)

Higura (to the East)

  • Home to the Higurians and the Three Original Clans

Leterni (To the South East)

  • Home to the Leternians
  • The Main power house of modern technology
  • The location where science and engineering take precedence

Avaria (to the North – East)

  • Home to the Avarians
  • The birthplace of high art, culture and influential principles of design