Over the years, after the establishment of the Primordial kingdoms, lambkind began to adapt to their new lives on Terminus. And soon gain comfort in their day to day lives.

This newly found comfort eventually enticed many members of lambkind to abandon their desire to return to Canaan and spend the rest of their days on Terminus.

However, their days of comfort swiftly came to their end when Bastille, who slept deep within the core of the planet, had finally awoken from his long slumber.
It was said that through the lambs’ advancements in survival, quality of life, and general upwards momentum of evolutionary development, Bastille who sought the Declivity of all things had finally awakened to bring lambkind to its knees.

And upon his awakening, he sent his wraith to upper world of the lambs. And in the process, everything the lambs had worked so many years to build was destroyed.

Fields were burned up, structures dismantled, and newly the created agents of despair known as the Executors infiltrated all areas of politics, thus creating social unrest and corruption.

It wasn’t long before the lambs attempted to rebuild again. But this time around, Bastille strove to ensure that they would not succeed by corrupting the world in darkness, thus, creating a devastating blow to the ecosystem and therefore stripping Terminus of its many resources.

All this to serve lambkind a painful reminder that no matter how hard they’d try, eventually their efforts would be for not. Thus this tragic period in history came known as Bastille’s Memorandum of Misery