The Few, the Brave, the Legendary.

The Knights of Mycera are an elite sect of Knights under the command of the Kingdom Mycera.

The first Knights were hand-selected by the First King of Mycera and formerly had the responsibility of attending to and protecting the members of the royal family.

However, with their high skill and unparalleled battle prowess, they eventually became a special task force of the Mycerian army and were called to battle only under the most extreme of circumstances.

Throughout history, the conquests and victories of the Mycerian kingdom trace back to the recorded (and non-recorded) efforts of the Knights of Mycera.

Becoming a Knight of Mycera is not something that can be accomplished by choice, but by the will of the captains who scout and recruit promising members of the Mycerian main army.

Candidates are given specialized combat training and are regularly subjected to situations of extreme duress in an effort to mold them into elite warriors in both mind and body. With a success rate of only 20%, becoming a recognized knight is no easy feat.

In the past, the prestige and honor of being a Knight was only second to the royal family. But as an era of peace overcame Frayla along with advancements in technology and Lexicon, the need for knights of such talent have become less necessary.

Now today, though it is not believed they are fully disbanded, no activity from the knights has been recorded for some time.