The ancient book of knowledge and power which holds the collective will of lambkind and their burning desire to return to their heavenly home.

Among the many secrets the book holds is a vast collection of Lexicon, strange literature, ancient wisdom and most importantly, a prophecy depicting the day when lambs would return to Canaan once more.

The current location of the book is kept secret. However, it is rumored that it lies in the ownership of the Wise Ones.

The true authors of the book are unknown, though popular belief has it that the original members of the Seven had assumed the responsibility. However, there are several other theories including some who believe that it has a will of its own, where it imparts its knowledge on those who seek it for the good of the world at its discretion, to others who believe that the book does not even exist.

Regardless of which rumor or speculation is true, the one thing that holds with absolute certainty is that none have bared witness to the Immortal Doctrine.