Decades following the Red Wine Campaign Shadow King Kizu turned his eyes to his legacy. Guiding his children as they grew so they could one day don the mantle of leadership.

The only warrior to ever hold mastery over the three paths King Kizu did not see the same affinity within his offspring and each of his three children gained dominion over seperate paths.

By the time of his passing the king has split his kingdom among the three heirs: Prince Kaste of the shadow path, Princess Kani of the iron path, and Prince Kosa of the spirit path.

Though his children co-ruled Higuria in peace for many years it wasn’t long before the split of the paths caused a rift between the siblings. Jealously guarding their own secrets while growing envious of the others they grew further apart. Inevitably the three paths and their respective leaders formed three separate clans and the shadow warriors were thus divided.

As Kosa guided the spirit clan to the east, the iron clan and Kani split the west, and Kaste, in between was left in shadow.