The Heroes of Frayla guild (also known as the H.O.F. guild) is a branch one of the oldest known guilds established less than a century after The Fall.

The Heroes of Terminus (or H.O.T. guild) is the father guild.

The H.O.T. guild was originally started as a global help effort to aid in the lamb’s readjustment process as they learned of a new way of life on Terminus.

Though eventually, as the guild expanded it broke into several chapters covering the entire planet. From this, the H.O.F. Guild was formed a few decades later.

Today, H.O.F. guild is well known for harboring and training lambs in order to train them to be able to defend themselves against Sin.

In Frayla, the guild holds a strong degree of influence in the Free Realm. Their influence was so strong that the Four Capitals were forced to recognize its presence during and after the events of the Fraylian Civil War.

Due to its history, prestige, and influence from its father guild, H.O.F. has been able to operate as a powerful entity allowing the towns of Faraway, Midspice, Highpeak and Lumina over the freedom to prosper without fear of external threat or pressures.

The H.O.F. guild and the people who run it are the blood of the Free Realm.