Many centuries ago during the era of Red Wine, Letorni was in the midst of a civil war that stemmed from the other kingdoms requiring its participation in the Red Wine Campaign.

In order to participate in the campaign, the other kindgoms required that Letorni share its scientific findings and discoveries.

However, at the time, Letorni was governed by two major political groups.

On side was the Empire, a group of wealthy individuals who through a process of democratic voting were elected their positions of power. On the other side were the Astrologists. A group who supported the idea of sharing their knowledge for the sake of learning more and advancing humanity.

The Empire did not wish to share its secrets while the Astrologists did. And because of their disagreement a war broke out which eventually lead to the detonation of an experimental reactor core. An event so dramatic that the only way people could describe it was as a “Great Spark.”

The results of the explosion devestated Letorni both politically and environmentally.