Before the primary cities of Mycera, Ceres, Insidor, and Xindshra became the Four Corners Capitals and established their respective Kingdoms, they competed desperately for dominance over the lands of Frayla to claim the inner provinces as their own.

Desperate to establish their independance but unwilling to risk all-out war the other capitals, the center fields of Frayla became the site of a cold war. The land was plagued with skirmishes that ended in stalemates as  any overt military movement on the part of Ceres, Insidor and Xindshra – once embassies from Tsugariaa, Avaria, and Devlunia – would implicate their sovereign realms and lead to a not only civil, but world war.

As the Four Corner Capitals slid mercenaries across their borders, propaganda under doors, and assassins through windows the first Duke of Lumina used this ambiguous state of the war as an opportunity to leverage their independence as a Fifth Realm of Frayla. With the support of the newly established H.O.F. guild and the Midspice Militia, this declaration of independence caused panic in the corner capitals as each scrambled to raise their armies to lay siege to the central lands.

For four years the Corner Capitals were held at bay by the new coalition formed of Lumina, Midspice, and the newly risen Faraway. Planning, strategy and strong will kept the center field maintained until the six outer kingdoms took notice and pressured the withdrawal of the Corner Capitals.

Pressured into peace the Capitals settled back into their corners and the Free Realm established it’s independence as a capital in it’s own right.

Many speculate that the peace is temporary and the realms balanced on the edge of war as history is pushed aside and legends fade….

Without the heroes of Frayla how long would this independence last?