After the events of the Red Wine Campaign, the newest inheritors of the Seven flames met to discuss a most troubling matter.

For once in many decades, humanity had begun to evolve at a rapid pace again. And as history had proven this would mean that Bastille would rise again.

So, the Seven hatched a plan. Rather sit idly and await Bastille’s inevitable awakening, they would instead bring the fight to Bastille.

But since none had ever encountered Bastille, no one knew where to look.

Eventually, a famed Ranger had discovered the location of Bastille’s hideout, but to access it, they would need seven keys.

But, to attain those keys, they would need to defeat Bastille’s executors. And so, with their strength and the power of the Seven flames, they did just that.

And then they eventually found Bastille’s lair and ventured inside to him.

However. The Seven never returned. And after time a new group of executors terrorized the lands.