The Executioners are an elite group of Divines among the private army of Bastille’s ranks.

Their purpose is to establish Bastille’s desire to bring lambkind’s development to a halt and ultimately render their chances to attain divinity to an unreachable goal for all eternity.

The earliest appearances of the Executioners can be traced back to around two centuries after The Fall.

Though the exact day they appeared is unknown, their presence in the world had influenced it for so long that many regard them as hostile spirits who forever haunt the planet.

According to ancient scripture, each Executioner embodies one of the Deadly Energies which ultimately makes lambkind unworthy to ascend towards Divinity. These being: Lust, Avarice, Sloth, Pride, Envy, Wraith, and Gluttony.

Any time there has been a war or tragic event, it usually means that an Executioner had been at work.

The Executioners have been known to assume many different forms in order to blend in with the rest of society and cause strife without being detected.

The lifespan of an Executioner is unknown.