Many Divines face an eternal dilemma of existence.

Since Divines represent a particular concept, what happens when that idea ceases to exist in the natural world?

In most cases, the Divine themselves will lose their power and influence. But in other cases, the Divine may even cease to exist.

To avoid this cruel fate, Divines work hard to ensure that the lambs are frequently reminded of their significance.

Many Divines do this in different ways.

Some Divines allow humans to contract their powers while others may elect to cause strife and trauma so that they are never forgotten.

One major distinction between Demons and Divines is the nature of what they require in return for yielding their power to mortals, as well as how they attempt to re-enforce their value.

Traditional Divines require adoration and prayer for their blessings. However, some penalties are enforced towards the lambs who contract multiple powers so that the quality of their fate does not dilute.

In order for a Divine to retain some consistent degree of permanence, a Sanctum can be created in their name in addition to frequent prayers from mortals around the world.

Demons differ in this where their exchanges for power tend to require even greater sacrifice, however, the amount of power they award is much greater in comparison.

By their logic, with a greater sacrifice made on the behalf of the mortal, they will never manage to forget their connection.

Higher level Divines typically do not need to worry about such matters as their powerful concepts are too integral to reality to ignore.

These Divines are known as the Elite Divines.