After The Fall, Terminus was a land devoid of hope. In the absence of the Mothers their faith was broken, and desperately seeking purpose and validation for their existence and suffering, the Church of Insidor rose to fill the void of the mothers love.

Lambs that live with the Church of Insidor in their hearts believe that the Mothers have turned their backs due to lack of devotion and complacency that Lambkind exhibited.

Born from their cries came a new method of thinking. A new system of belief that gave the lambs the re-awakening of faith  they needed. Desperate to prove themselves worthy of the Mothers love and attention, dedicates must complete their daily prayers, acts of kindness, and particular functions delegated by the church itself. Thought to be the sanctified voice of the mothers the leaders of the church preach that only by following their sacred purpose will the mothers return and bestow their divinity upon them. For those who do not are doomed to wander Terminus indefinitely without purpose and are unworthy of anything but pity by the Church of Insidor.


Over time the core beliefs of the faith have been muddied as new rules, belief systems, and alternate interpretations of the original teaching of the Church of Insidor made following the sect difficult to adhere to.


Though the church has grown and power and influence many still question the faith as the Church of Insidor has shown itself capable of exceptional good while the shadows hold rumours of exceptional evil.


And we cry, the lambs, as we wait in stasis,

Empty of purpose in absence of The Mothers

On Termunis we see, the end and the beginning.

Of faith we praise, our zeal to our glory.

We sing for our Mothers so they may sing for us,

Divinity ascending,

Trials accepted,

Faith guarded,

Purpose pending.

– From our daily prayer The Church of Insidor