The Ceresian board is a group of elite mages and politicians who through their accomplishments and prestige earned a seat at the Ceresian Table. Those who sit at the Ceresian table have full control of the city as any executive decision must be approved by them as their word is law.

The first Ceresian board was formed by Ceres Vorja as she was soon called to act as a member of the Seven which required her to find a new candidate to lead the city of Ceres. In order to promote a government that operates on wisdom and fairness, Ceres formed the board and established them as an Oligarchy so that no single leader could corrupt the town with their own selfish regime.

To this day, the board has consistenly recruited the most talented students of the Ceres School of Lexicon and other promising leaders. Though it’s not easy to say if they have been corrupted, the people of Ceres live their lives happily and rank the city as one of the best cities to live in all of Frayla.