With a powerful element like Apexia in existence due to the marriage between all natural elements and energy frequencies, great modern mages have proposed that another powerful element must exist.

This element is the opposite of Apexia in every way, and it exists devoid of elemental influence, or any physical property that can define it.

This element is known simply as the Void.

Not much is known about the Void as many who discuss it in the mage community view it as a meaningless abstract theory. And besides that, given its sensitively, it is almost impossible to access information regarding it from any library.

There is a story of a famous mage who was said to have studied the powers of the Void, but he was supposed to have vanished.

To this day, nobody knows the source of his vanishing. Though, some believe that the last experiment he ran had failed and thus lead to his demise.

However, other rumors suggest that his experiment was a success, but through his success, he attracted unwanted attention from a malicious party.