Terminus is the plain of existence in which all lambs reside.

It was said to have been created at the same time Canaan, for a paradise could not exist without its other half.

According to the earliest recordings in history, Bastille was banished to Terminus as both guardian of the planet and its prisoner due to him expressing his opposing views to the Three Mother’s will.

Many centuries later, after the Mother’s had vanished and the Eternal War had begun, the lambs were slaughtered and enslaved by the rogue Divines.

It was at this time when Zeon, Divine of Virtue, left with no choice, chose to send the remaining lambs to the forsaken planet where they could survive long enough to regain the power necessary to challenge the Demons on equal footing.

However, despite Zeon’s best intentions and allowing lambs to inherit his sacred power of the Seven Flames, the lamb’s efforts to escape the planet were foiled continuously by Bastille, and so they became trapped in an infinite state of limbo.

The purgatorial state of the planet earned it its cursed name.