The SIVIS powers are the Five Dimensions of Power in which govern the strength and potency of one’s spirit.

SIVIS represents the infinite potential in every living being.

The five dimensions are:

Strength, Intellect, Vitality, Agility, and Skill

Each dimension of SIVAS can be abbreviated into three letter symbols:

STR, INT, VIT, AGI, and SKL  respectively.

Many adventurers strive to improve themselves by sharpening one, all, or a selected group of their SIVAS stats using their potential .

Due to the mortality of the Lambkins, the amount they typically develop their SIVAS in a single lifetime is rather limited.

Though despite this fact, many lambkins still strive to improve themselves.

And with enough determination, t is believed that Lambkins are capable of attaining power that rivals the Divines and even further beyond, so long as they are willing to push their minds, bodies, and spirits to their absolute limits.