While you have the Mages who believe that there is no greater power than that of the Mother’s ancient language and Lexicon, there is another group of thinkers who believe that with modern technology and ingenuity, even greater power can be achieved.

These self-proclaimed revolutionaries are known as the Scientists.

Through the developments of new methods of communication like Math, Science, and Physics, the Scientist have created a new field of Mystic arts known as the discipline of Science.

Though Science is still in its infancy, it has already found use by many who see its potential. There even exists rumors of a secret city which has long-sense discovered the power of science and samples of the ingenious products born from that place can be found scattered around the planet.

Due to the inability to comprehend its powers or limits, the practice of Science is forbidden in some places around the world. In other cases, some groups like the Church of Insidor see the existence of Science as a threat to the future well-being of all lambkind and so many agents go so far as to eliminate it and its practitioners.