In honor to retain communication to the mortals below, many Divines have specialized temples built on the planet’s surface called Sanctums.

Though not all Divines have Sanctums, most who bear substantial roles have them and the Divines which more potent roles will live in larger structures known as Cathedrals.

Most Divines welcome lambs to venture into their temples and offer prayers. However, due to the corruption and sin on the planet, the majority of Sanctums have been long since abandoned.

Some Divines request a challenge for lambs to be considered worthy to enter their temples and there have even been stories of other Divines never allowing lambs to see them by trapping them inside forever.

To enter a Sanctum and find its heart is a challenge referred to as a #text.color2#Pilgrimage#<color. Pilgrimages are meant to test the faith of the mortals who desire a bond with the Divine within.

On completion of their pilgrimage, the travelers receive many rewards and in some cases are granted a fraction of the Divines power for themselves.