Terminus is a world surrounded by a semi-invisble shroud of darkness that gives birth to the various dangerous creatures and monsters who stalk the world. This naturally makes traveling by any means a very dangerous activity as one could be attacked by monsters at any moment.
Desperate for a means of true security, the Lambkins turned to the Divines for assistance. Eager to utilize yet another way to garner faith from the Lambkins, the Divines divised the creation of the Nexus.
The Nexus is a Totem that when placed provides a protective barrier that forces out the dark shroud, thus preventing monsters from entering the area.
In order to secure the protection of towns, cities and major kingdoms, such establishements hold a Nexus provided by a particular Divine who offers that protection, but in exchange requires proof of deep loyalty. This proof of deep loyalty is often handled through the creation of a Cathedral: A large sanctum fully dedicated to a Divine which is then kept under close watch and maintenance by the Spire.
Nexus are made from a large chunk of crystalized Divinity called Divinite and give off a soft glow in combination with a signature sound in which many believe could be that of the Mothers trying to reach back out to their children.