Though many records of the ancient language had become lost to time and circumstance, a group of lambs had managed to record what they could and to this day continue to work tirelessly to rediscover and unlock the lost potential of the ultimate power.

These lambs are known as Mages.

Mages dedicate their lives to the investigation and mastery of Lexicon.

Unlike their anti-lexiconical rivals the Scientists, Mages desire to unlock the potential of humanity through the use of ancient powers or the “old way” and feel that though new-aged technology is powerful, nothing can compare to the forces of nature which originated from the Mothers themselves.

These differences in philosophies have historically been cause for heated both debates between members of the intellectual community as well as further escalations into extreme situations including warfare.

Mages typically work to train their INT as much as possible, and by doing so, they often learn to contain a wide variety of knowledge regarding the Divines and earn their favor as a result.

Due to their constant desires to tangle with such destructive powers, many have been treated as dangers to the common good and thus require regulation for what they may study and by whose authority.

To handle this, many kingdoms and independent realms hold special schools known as Mage Colleges in order allow mages to practice their Lexicon in safe environments while away from public scrutiny.

Of all of the Mage Colleges in Terminus, the one that is perhaps most notable is the Ceres School of Lexicon located in the Oligarchical Captial of Ceres deep in the northern snow-fields of Frayla.