The Lifeblood is the infinite source of energy that flows through the planet. It is the primary energy that sustains all life, but also in many cases, limits it.

Every living being on Terminus utilizes the majority of their energy from the Lifeblood of the planet. Lifeblood is the purest measures of our capacities to house and utilize raw power.

An important thing to note is the distinction between the Lifeblood available in Terminus and the Lifeblood found in Canaan as they are fundamentally different in an important way. The Lifeblood of Canaan is pure, uncorrupted energy. Channeling such energies grants tremendous power and is a necessary ingredient for any mortal being to attain True Divinity. However, the Lifeblood of Terminus is fundamentally flawed. It was created imperfectly and thus is an unclean form of energy. As a result, death and the concept of “age” exist due to exposure of this form of corrupted Lifeblood over time as the body’s consistent use of it eventually causes it to wither.

Compared to pure Lifeblood, which, when it is wholly utilized, will result in the user experiencing Immortality.