All beings have the ability to manipulate Lifeblood by factors of Pitch and Frequency.

The range of frequencies and pitches typically depend on the person’s natural elemental affinities and other elements determined at birth or inherited through other means.

Lifeblood can be manipulated both externally and internally. Given this, many different powers, abilities, and skills can be utilized by many lambs.

Many of these skills and abilities have been passed down through bloodlines, though with the influence of contractual agreements among Divines and other means of attaining supernatural powers, new intriguing and practical uses for Lifeblood are discovered every day.

There are two mainbranches of Lifeblood users:

Burst Types

Better catered to those who have an affinity for attacks that release larger quantities of energy at faster rates.

Warriors tend to utilize this form of Lifeblood manipulation with greater ease.

Quell Types

Better catered to those who depend on the ability to control Lifeblood with precision.
Healers, mages, and ninjas tend to leverage this form of Lifeblood manipulations as they require more controlled forms of energy to weave highly efficient technics unto themselves and to others
Burst and Quell energy flow types come with their lists of unique advantages and disadvantages.

Certain types of abilities are also best utilized for specific types of energy users as well.

Every lamb is typically born with a natural affinity for one or the other explicitly. However, given what little we know about these energy forms, it is unknown if one is more efficient than the other in general.