Letorni is the most technologically advanced civilization in all of Terminus.

After the disastrous events of the Great Spark, Letorni underwent a rebuilding effort in which gave birth to the new Lexicon discipline of Science.

Letorni headed by the Counsel of Logos a group of five elite scientists and researchers who oversee the lands operations.

Letorni believes that scientists and researchers should hold positions of power because unlike traditional members of politics, they are more interested in doing what it takes to build, create and learn more about the universe.

Despite their pursuits of intellect and claims to desire a world of mutually beneficial scientific discovery, the head scientists of Letorni have been very secretive of their findings. And rumors of some very influential discoveries they have made have caused the other lands to become stricken with concern.

Some of those discoveries being that of a powerful force called Nuclear energy and a new form of Coalescence they call Engineering.

The Kingdom of Letorni was one of the two kingdoms that did not participate in the Red Wine Campaign.