Deep within the land of shadows the first Higurians settled into the east of Terminus. To survive the endless night they relieved on perception and wit – Native skills that grew as they adapted and over the years their frames became slighter, their movements gentle as their communion with nature was magnified.

Exuding a peace and calm, Higurians are known for their intelligence, reserve, and sensitivity – A proud people who express a natural inclination towards the natural forces of the land.

Typically pale skinned, Higurians exude a honeyed glow, large dark eyes, and dark hair with the depth of natures tones.


From the sphere we have become,

To the sphere we will return.

Born in circles ever moving,

Ebbing, flowing,

We live the dance.

We breathe, we fly,

Exhale and fall.

Born in Circles ever moving,

Ebbing, Flowing,

We live the dance.

– Higurian Peoples, an excerpt from the balance dance