Towards the east of the Termanian World Divide lays the ancient land of Higura. Within the vast forests of the Higurian homeland lays the Umbral Forest, known for the mountainous trees that bend to the sky and hide the sun from the land. Within the Umbral Forest is held the illusion of endless night.
The birth-nation of renowned Shadow Warriors and Spirit Callers, Higura is not just land, but a spiritual nexus to the Higurian Peoples, whose balanced relationship and reverence for nature is integrated into their society.
As disagreement of the balance between innovation and the ancient ways rose the Higurian People Split – even now the Spirit Clan lives by the Old ways in the East while the Iron Clan occupies the West. The split of the people led to a split in the land and Higura is now divided by the iron wall, built by the Iron Clan, and cementing the division of the clans.
Though they coexist at distance, tensions run high as beliefs and the way of life is questioned – it would take little to end peace and for war rise once again.