Located in the southernmost corner of  Eastern Terminus, Gomero is the primary homeland to the Kin: Aviankin, Harekin, Leokin, and Harekin.

Famed for being one of the most naturally ruthless lands to live in, it sees few travelers as it is home to some of the fiercest creatures and most uninhabitable geographical locations.

A common saying in Terminus is “Only the strong and the wise may fill their bellies in Gomero,” though the full saying in Gomero adds “but only the swift can keep from emptying it.”

In order to survive their harsh conditions Gomeroans pride themselves on their Honesty, Integrity, and most of all Strength – and have little patience for those who do not possess these virtues.

“Spit on the Sand

And swim in the trees,

We battle the lands

and our strength sets us free.”

– From a Gomeroan Lullaby