Frayla is one of the five largest continents on Terminus.

Split by its four corners and centermost area are five distinct Realms which differ immensely in climate, culture and government systems. These being the Ceresian, Mycerian, Xindshrian, Insidorian, and Free-realms.

Being the centermost continent in the world, Frayla is home to an incredibly diverse series of ecological environments. From north to south Frayla’s climate changes from cold to hot and from east to west, it’s Lifeblood environment deviates from light to darkness.

In addition to its chaotic climate, Frayla has been home to an ongoing struggle between its five realms for dominance as the continent’s history is littered with war.

Despite its negative sides, many regard Frayla as the land of opportunity and adventure, where those who are brave enough to venture its harsh lands may find riches and power unimaginable.