Faraway is the youngest of all the capital cities.

It is the home to the H.O.F. Guild and is one of many towns that make up the Free Realm. Because of it’s prime location, historical significance, and proximity to the great wonders that Faraway fields has to offer, Faraway continues to be one of the most popular spots for aspiring and veteran adventurers to visit.

According to legend, at Faraway’s location once stood the proud ancient Kingdom of Frayla. But after the fall of the kingdom and the destruction of the castle, the lands were abandoned for quite some time.

It wasn’t until a restoration project managed by a young future Mayor and recently promoted H.O.F. guild leader Targus, that the Castle was restored to to it’s former glory. However, in the spirit of the Free Realms that they wished to uphold, the Castle was repurposed into a mighty sanctuary that was dedicated to Lord Herezal, Divine of Destiny.

Like many of the other towns in the Free Realm, Faraway was drawn into the the Fraylian Civil War, but managed to hold their own until the 6 world kingdoms interjected and ended the war.

To this day, Faraway is still subjected to the occasional acts of terror, assassinations, and political power moves of the Four Capitals, whom to this day still plan to bring about its submission. However, due to the powerful presence of the current H.O.F. Guild, financing from the Duke of Lumina, and support from the highly efficient Midspice Militia, Faraway and the rest of the Free Realm enjoy a life free from the pressure of outside realms.