Family Symbols are advanced magical symbols that are created for newly formed families under the bond of Maladia’s sacred bestowed matrimony.

No two family symbols are alike as they are unique to every bound family and are used as proof one another’s commitment to their partner(s) and their cause. 

 If the bond between the married partners is broken, the symbol is also lost. However, it is possible to redeem the symbol if the partners choose to nurish their relationship once more.

 Some family symbols hold great fame as those families who bore them had accomplished great feats in their life time.

 In certain cases, Maladia may allow the resuse of a generational family symbol, assuming certain conditions are met.

Many family symbols hold mystic powers, the most common of them all is the power to increase the unconcious communication between partners which allows them to perform in sync with one another with less effort.

Though partners may request where a symbol is placed on their bodies, the most position to have it placed is on the upper back.