All physical items in Terminus have a state of permanence or existence. This physical state of an object can be tested and placed on a spectrum.

This spectrum measure is known as an Energy Coefficient. The higher an energy coefficient is, the more “presence” an object has.

Energy Coefficients were once used to measure the level of solidarity of an object. However, throughout lambkind’s advances in knowledge and technology, we have discovered that even higher forms of energy coefficients exist.

The Energy Frequency scale was created to accurately measure the energy coefficient of any object.

The scaled spectrum is the following:

Gaseous, Liquid, Solid, Plasma.

If the energy coefficient of an object reaches extreme heights (which are mostly impossible in our natural world), then they are rumored to possibly create the legendary physical state of Apexia.

However, on the opposite side of the spectrum, and energy coefficient can become so low, that it hits a negative frequency.
And when a negative frequency becomes low enough, the object can enter the state of the Void.

Lambkind hopes to unravel soon the mysterious nature of our world and the forces that were used to create it.

We hope that, in by doing so, we may unlock the secrets to this planet and that, may perhaps, help us to discover more about who and what we are.