Education Systems in Terminus vary from land to land, but most are handled in a similar way:

  1. Firstly there are two lower level learning establishments: General Education School (GES) and Primary School
  2. Then, there are higher education/career centered establishments: Universities and Guilds respectively

G.E.S. schools are schools that are generally funded by a Kingdom, city, town, or private entity. These establishments typically offer open and free enrollment to citizens of that respective area and are paid via property tax. Though they aren’t the most prestigious of educational environments, they typically serve as an excellent place to gain basic knowledge about the world and help young students discover what paths they wish to take in life.

Primary Schools are slightly more advanced educational environments that are also typically sanctioned by a kingdom, city, town, or private entity. Though, some schools have their tuition costs covered by their associated urban area, there are many that do not offer free enrollment. Even for Primary Schools with open enrollment, enrollment for these schools is often competitive as they serve as direct pathways for students who seek higher education.

Universities are the highest form of academia a modern Lambkin can attain. Most Universities focus on the studies of science, biology, lexicon, engineering, etc.. While other’s focus on mixture of those topics, or in some cases more unique studies. Universities are incredibly competitive and require plenty of coin to attend. Though many present paid scholarships, students who are eligible for these must have already demonstrated significant intellectual prowess.

Guilds are typically popular options for those who wish to further their studies in a non-academic skill or trade. Most guilds have open recruiting while others are closed-off and rely on scouting for new members through a variety of (and in rare cases invasive) processes. Guilds typically require a monthly or yearly membership fee and unlike Universities, they offer ranks in which members can climb and receive life-long benefits. Those who become members of guilds are expected to use the skills gained from their guild in order to generate their own income in order to afford their cost of living and paid guild fee.

For those who do not pursue guilds or higher education, whether it be through choice or circumstance, there are still many other trades that do not require previous education such as: mercenary work, farming, merchandising and more.