Divinity is the measure of one’s ability to channel the mystic energies of Canaan.

Channeling Divinity is an easier feat to accomplish when one draws the power directly from Canaan due to the direct connection to the planet, however for Lambs that power remains out of reach and thus the quantity and quality they may utilize is drastically reduced.

This fact illustrates a distinction between the Divinity channeled by Lambs known merely as Divinity and the Divinity used by Divines and greater creatures regarded as True Divinity.

It is not impossible for Lambs to attain the power of the Divines and wield power that rivals them. But to attain such power requires a lamb to train their mind and expand it beyond their limits so that they may attain more of this holy power.

INT is one of the Five Powers and directly governs over one’s ability to utilize and develop their Divinity.