Divines were the first children made by the Mothers.

Granted with tremendous power rivaling that of their Mothers, each Divine was created and named in celebration of a new element or concept that came into the reality once their names had been uttered for the first time.

Divines became the big brother’s of their lamb brethren and besides one in particular that protested, were ordinarily content with their responsibility.

However, all of this changed once the Eternal War had begun.

With a separation between the Divine’s intentions towards lambs and the tolls of the war, the Divines were forced to send all of the lamb to Terminus.

Without the frequent celebration of their name, a Divine cannot exist, for as their relevance ceases to exist, so do they. Because of this law, the powers of faith and adoration that were once in abundance to the Divines became more difficult to attain.

In modern times, Divines continuously work to attain relevance in an ever-changing world. By praying and acknowledging the existence of a Divine, the Divine may become more powerful and continue to exist in both the spiritual and mortal plains. But to do this, they must offer their powers to mortals so that they may speak their names and acknowledge their existence regularly.