Coalescence is the art of manipulating the lifeblood forces of the planet and reusing them in order to create useful objects.

Use of the artform can be traced back to around a decade after The Fall when lambs were forced to find new means of survival. No longer able to use Lexicon in its true, many lambs had turned to the process to devise a new form of creation unlike ever seen before.

By taking pre-existing materials from both the mystical and natural world, for once in many years time were lambs able to retain some form of power and control despite their chaotic situation.

Since its early inception, Coalescence has become highly restricted by those who fear its potential. In Frayla, it is virtually outlawed by all of the Four Capitals.

Despite this news, this has not stopped people from leveraging the power of Coalescence. Especially the members of the Hands of Murpherious guild.