Originally founded by Vorja Ceres, the Ceres School of Lexicon is an institution dedicated to training the bright minds of tomorrow in the Lexicon arts.

The school is headed by the Dean of students and under the Director is the Council of Magi who are responsible for making the school’s executive decisions.

The school is so prestigious and well-known throughout the world, that anyone attempting to be considered a master in the Lexiconical arts as well as the Wise Ones themselves require a degree from this school.

The school houses one of the oldest collections of historical documents and Lexicon that even rival the Library of Cergis.

Due to this, the school is constantly kept under strict surveillance and is notorious for it elitist culture and hostility to those who do not have an aptitude for Lexicon.

The school offers one of the strictest acceptance criteria of any school in all of Terminus.

Potential students must demonstrate a highly above average potential for the Lexiconical arts as well as tests regarding self-control and an extensive background check.

At the Ceres School of Lexicon, anything less than excellence is not acceptable.