The Kin were the second of three children created by the Mothers.

According to legend, the original Kin were created as perfect beings with no flaws, and so the Mothers split the originals into four beings.

Each race of the Kin is said to represented the four aspects that once made up the ultimate Kin:

  • Harekin,┬áthe mind
  • Avikin, beauty
  • Leokin, strength
  • Serpenkin, cunning.

After the events of The Fall, most of the Kin had congregated to the eastern lands of Terminus to a place called Gomero. Due to their general lifestyle and cultural differences, history is littered with occasional accounts of strife and disagreement between the beastmen civilizations and human civilizations.

Most towns and cities are happy to have patrons of all shapes and sizes, however some settlements are not as friendly.

This has lead to some segregated towns all throughout Terminus.