Created by the mothers as a vision of elegance and beauty the Aviankin possess birdlike characteristics in their anatomy and visage.

With a natural inclination for design, structure, and sensuality that is applied in every art they pursue whether it be architecture, textiles, poetry, art, or war.

Though little is known about the inner workings of their assumed Matriarchal society – as Males have never been seen – the Aviankin do not venture into Frayla without an esoteric maskĀ  covering their faces, even within their own private section of Gomora, the Aviankin would only reveal themselves to those they’ve chosen to become their partners.

Despite their practice of donning their traditional masks many approach them as suitors, and among kings and emperors wars have started for less.


Hope is the thing with feathers

which hides the troubled heart

that masks its pain in bravery,

and in elegance imparts

the natural sensuality, and truth of life and art.

(Immortal Doctrine: The Winged Hope)