For quite some time there had been confusion regarding the existence of the “lesser beastmen,” or in other worlds “Animals.”

Though their origin is unknown, many believe that they were perhaps the Mothers’ first attempt at creating the Kin. However this theory has never officially been confirmed and has been outwardly rejected by the Kin. Especially by those who find such a theory insulting.

As far the wildlife, Lexian and Scientific communities are concerned, wildlife have no aptitude for advanced cognitive functioning.

There has been some theories developed by smaller groups that suggest that rather than being able to communicate direclty, animals can actually communicate telepathically, but given the loss of lambs divinity the only pontential proof of this fact are the personal annecdotes of a few lambs who claim for it to be the case.

Though some lambs choose to hunt and consume the wildlife there are many who choose not to and find other means of sustenance for various reasons.