Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

When will the game be available?

We are currently in the process of developing the game's true demo. A tech demo was successfully created within a month. However, we project that with the addition of art and quality checks the Demo will take a bit longer.

The most honest answer we can give is that it will be ready when it's ready.

Can we play the game when it's done?

The Immortal Doctrine Demo is currently in Alpha 1.0.1

Once it is ready we will provide a link for anyone to download and play the game.

Do you have plans to get the game funded?

It is in our sights to get the game funded. For now, we want to focus on making the best Demo possible to understand what our limits are and make the best game we possible can before releasing anything publicly.

We're considering a crowdfunding campaign method like Kickstarter. But we want to first make sure that we are making a game that people want to play first.

Are you looking for new members?

Our team is always looking for passionate new members. At the moment we are looking for a Pixel Artist and are interested in speaking with some Writers.

What systems are being used to develop the game?

The game is being built using Unity.

What systems will be the game be available on?

As of now Windows and Mac. I don't have enough talent myself to feel confident to port the game to multiple systems in future. However, if special things happen and other talented people find their way on our team, then it can definitely be a topic for strong consideration.