In a world devoid of the Mother’s love and a once unshakable faith broken beyond repair, many lambs became lost and seeked for a new meaning to their purposeless life.

Born from their cries came a new method of thinking. A new system of belief that gave the lambs the re-awakening of faith that they so desperately needed.

Soon came the teachings of The Church of Insidor. A religious sect founded by a sanctified group of lambs shortly after The Fall.

The Church teaches that, in fact, the Mothers had not abandoned their children as others claim. Instead, because of the lamb’s increased complacency and lack of devotion to them, the Mothers felt that their children were no longer worthy of their love.

And so, in order to become worthy once again, the lambs must complete specific deeds consistent with daily prayers, acts of kindness and particular functions delegated by the church itself. Only then, when the time is right will the Mothers determine that lambs are worthy again.

For those who believe in the Churches teachings, the Mothers shall return for them and sing praises of their names for all eternity. But for those who do not, their only fate is to remain on Terminus indefinitely.

Though this is likely the broadest accepted interpretation of the Church’s beliefs, over time, the core beliefs of the Church of Insidor have become muddled with confusion as new rules, belief systems and alternative interpretations of the original teachings made the once simple belief system, very difficult to adhere to for many.

Nowadays, the Church of Insidor has become a powerful entity that has shown itself capable of doing exceptional good, or in some cases, exceptional evil.