Among the many users of Lexicon, there are some who are born with a unique gift to use its wondrous powers to not only create the essence of an element but to manipulate nature itself.

This technique of Lexicon has many names, but the most common name for it is Terramancy.

The first recorded use and creation of Terramancy was said to be as early as even before the War of Tears, where the nation of Higura had developed it by leveraging their natural abilities to commune with nature.

With its capabilities to manipulate the natural world, many have believed that it could be, perhaps, the purest form of Lexicon known in the modern world.

However, due to its general lack of power and potency, this fact has yet to be proven and is still a highly controversial topic among Lexians to date.

Terramancy is one of the core techniques used by the Shadow Warriors.