“The nameless shadow brings forth justice where light cannot reach.” This is the creed of the Higurian Shadow Warriors.

The shadow warriors are a proud group of warriors who specialize in the infiltrative and assassination arts.

The first clan of Shadow Warriors began in Higura where the early settlers were forced to live in the conditions of Higura’s perpetual night due to it’s Umbral Trees.

Much of Higurian culture was shaped by the quiet and gentle atmosphere of perpetual night. And so with their skills and senses sharpened over time, the Shadow Warrior clans were born.

The Shadow Warriors relied on three forms of combat which they called the Three Paths.

For many years, the Shadow Warrior clans grew. But as they grew, disagreements between the most influential warriors grew and thus the mega clan split into three main factions we know today:

The Spirit Clan

The Shadow Clan

The Iron Clan