Histories reference the Cursed Desert of Xindshra as the Crystal Desert, a wonder of Frayla with glistening white sands.

With no resources or economic power the Xindshrian realm was vulnerable to the greater power of the Insidor Kingdom, and despite it’s beauty struggled for independence.

With nothing of value King Gorathu Xindshra sought out the demon of Wealth, Vargarus.

“What would you give for your kingdom to profit?” Vargarus asked the king, “What would you trade?”

“We have nothing to trade,” lamented Xindshra, “as the sun rises each day and rainbows are spun from the crystal desert, I search the horizon but all i have is sand.”

“I see…” The demon mused, “do you value beauty.”

The king scoffed, “beauty will not feed my people, beauty will not keep the Insidorian at bay.”

“I’ll ask again lamb king…What would you trade?”

As the pact was made between King Gorathu Xindshra and the demon Vargarus, the Crystal Desert was lost and its sands stained black.

Unlike anything Frayla had seen the black crystals of the cursed desert drew scholars, merchants, kings and noblemen to Xindshra, and the city prospered as the crystals became known for their their ability to absorb and store energy.

The Xindshrian realm grew it’s army, it’s trade, and fed it’s people on the wealth of the black crystals, even as it broke the back of those too poor to escape work in the mines. Though the wealth of his realm was undeniable, King Gorathu became distraught by the loss of the once beautiful Crystal sands and turned his back to the beauty of his castle, and the suffering of it’s people.

How do you value wealth, how do you value pleasure, and how do you weigh beauty, peace, and profit?

A pact cannot be broken and Xindshra became the City of the One-Sided Coin.