The eldest established kingdom among the Four Corner Capitals, Insidor occupies the land that once housed the Avarian Embassy. Once a temperant climate, the Embassy was forced out as the Memorandum of Misery caused drastic atmospheric changes and the whole Northern Faraway was sealed in by powerful winter storms.

Now considered to be an independent nation, Insidor serves under the rule of a their matriarch – The Iron Queen. Ruled with a hand and heart as cold as the blade she wields, Insidor has unusually high fealty and dedication among it’s citizens. As travel to and from the Kingdom is forbidden with exception to the most extreme cases and even citizens require proper clearance, little is known about the inner workings of this harshley guarded capitol.

Hardened by the frozen tundra Insidor’s army is renowned and feared in even the farthest reaches of Terminus. Though the Kingdom has been at peace for centuries, their tension with the Kingdom of Ceres after the Fraylian Civil War contributes to rumours of conflict not far from the surface. Ceresian students from the Lexian school are still cautioned to travel with escort, as Insidors attempt and to kidnap and conscript them for their army has not been forgotten.

Our Queen in Iron lay the law,
She guides, she rules
With Iron claw,
And Insidor will march.

In jagged gale and driving rain,
And frozen winds of ice,
She shelters those within,
And Insidor will march.

Through disaster and through war,
She’d crawl before she’d fall,
We obey the call,
And Insidor will march.

–  From Ode to the Iron Queen