Higura is found towards the east of the Termanian world divide.

It is also the primary home to Higurians who’s high fidelity with nature allowed them to integrate it within their societies easily.

Higura is most famed for being the birth nation of the famed Shadow Warriors and Spirit Callers.

It contains many famous landmarks and locations, but what it is most famous for are the massive mountain-sized trees called Umbral Woods which tower over the lands blocking out all sunlight.

Due to the wide leaves of the massive Umbral Trees, all light from the sun is blocked, thus creating the illusion of perpetual night.

These days, Higura is split in two where the Spirit Clan occupies the Eastern half while the Iron clan occupies the west.

Higura is split straight down the middle by a large iron wall created by the Iron Clan.

Though the clans currently co-exist, their relations between the two are that of a sensitive bomb. At this point, all it would take is one little push for a war to break out, yet again.